Friday, October 28, 2011

Come Clean

As tonight i'm in jail
i can think if i was dignity
hurted you like a modest foal
made you run to your little dinghy

but i'd rather fall,fall asleep

and as you're stranded out
cuddeling up the phone
i know you're concerned enough to make a call
so i jus fall,i jus fall

there's a newborn pegion living by the needles
wasting words all the day
"In this  season
our leader said we'll swarm
and will have a beautiful fall
Betty says if new born pegons cant fly
they should at least have a beautiful fall"

aw! it's like the day with no religions!
the day with a rain of dead pegions
it's like the day with no religions!
the day with a rain of dead pegions

As i'm closing eyes i count the hours pass by
you'll be instantly here,washing up all the fear
cuz you'll be instantly here,washing up with all the fear

that's why i never come clean

My Skull On The Lottery

Oh him, he's hands
my skull, my skull seems delicate
my skull between his hands
Oh he's hand has got the strength
to straggle my skull
to shatter it length by length
so beautiful

From its blood, he'll paint me down again
on canvas
I glitter, my mash ...does
Don't worry, I'll live again
when he paint me down on the earth's crust
everything will be better
he knows how to draw a woman
full of layers ,enough holes
he knows how to do the edges
so beautiful

peeled ,peeled
nothing to borrow

But if he could remember my face still
I'll give you coins
go buy
win out

Party With Sanity

And stupidity was the only one who could fit within
cuz he never asks for more
and as they surround the place he lets the audience begin
an enterer is just a penny that flips
for them, before they recall everything

as soon as the dancehall is empty
they're seated for the pic
for you to walk you need a sign to peek
and In charge if they ask you,
cuz they don't believe they should
and in charge if you moved forward
for there's no way coming back
smile is all it could ask

cuz in the next flip they recall you as an idiot
but ain't gonna matter when you're marked with it

Johny Is The Guy

is a good boy that sits for hours and dont talk
is a story of a quiet rebel ,that's all

and we love him ,all
and parents adore him ,all
and everybody drop roses on his quiet quiet grave
and they all smile as they see his face
Johny is the heaven boy that sits around and don't talk

There is no revelry, revelry in his life
There is no bravery,bravery u've been told

and he's so cool
you can play the game
if you can tell he's alive
and he's so cool
he'll get you fooled
if you can tell he's alive
Johny is the guy..


I feel sure I don't know you
You're far behind
Cherished beyond
A drangonfly on your pushed back hair
You hail from the land of ladder and fence
I'm sure. I don't know your kind
You wanderer. Poisned by snake-bite
When you walk, I gamble it, If I should become
Another one.. Another, takes to fill this puzzle
Whoa, They don't notice you
They don't distinguish
And I feel I know more than anyone I could blame
They think, I stole the line
I don't belong
When they check me, I'm so gone
And I glance as a river says
Once you dip in you're flown away
There's no second chance, No second prayer
To step in wet
But you, foal of the modest fathers
When I pass you, knock me up,  I'm becoming them..


Sunday, September 11, 2011

In a dream of a white girl sleeping

In a dream of a white girl sleeping
Everything seems to be pale
Her face get you way deceiving
as the light directs right off and doesn't break

Shins shins
light shins, burning the surface
as your glance drowns through
the paler it gets

The girl is just your victim
and you're just so black
The girl is your mirror
the windowpane,a sheet of glass

In a dream of a white girl sleeping
Glitter picks the word
Every colorless comes bleeding
every imperfection is individual

In a dream of a white girl sleeping
anything grey is abstract
Being simple got no meaning
any nose comes with a flag
In a dream of a white girl sleeping
Change is all you can ever ask
once in a while
only once in a while

Swear to the nights I stayed awake
The jungle of your love has reached here
I became an apple swing by
And slipped down the tree of your prejudice
Down from here your branches go wild
I lie, I don't see anything at all
Just the difference between you and the outside world
I've literally fell down
six feet under ground
hear you walking on my sand
feel your presence
Simply death you are
When I lean to whisper
The simple, little words I've collected
Between the hours that collide
Simply deaf you are
When it's your time to play wise
Think as if you're clever
With the mind that you spread along
Dodging your bloody guessing
All you guess indicates to home
The center of your oblivious zone
I walk home
I've captured you well in mind
go mild
I've captured you well in mind
go mild, easy